Big return on your money

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With over 20 years of experience in this industry, I’ve witnessed significant changes, from park-owned homes being desirable to becoming a burden for businesses. However, for individuals seeking substantial returns on a small investment, they are the real deal.

A few months ago, while discussing self-managed IRAs with some clients, I discovered they had different goals than I had previously considered. Ultimately, they wanted to maximize the funds in their accounts.

This prompted me to dive into the numbers and I realized that, under the right circumstances, owning mobile homes as rentals provided a much better return than owning a small park. I always knew it was a good opportunity, but now I see it even more clearly.

Let’s take a closer look. Currently, we have a 2009 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home available for rent. After factoring in expenses such as lot rent and management fees, the total rent amounts to $800, with $580 remaining after expenses. We are offering this home to investors for $31,000, which translates to a fantastic return on investment of over 20%.

Here’s where the right circumstances come into play. We have the home in our park, and we handle all aspects of management, including finding tenants, addressing repairs, and paying bills. All you have to do is receive your monthly payment.

Even if the home remains unrented for two month, in just 10.5 years, you will have doubled your investment and offset your income taxes through depreciation. We have homes in our rental pool that are 40 years old and still generating substantial rental income. While repairs and updates may be necessary over the years, we recently completed comprehensive renovations on 10 of our older homes at an average cost of $2,200 per home.

These properties are truly cash cows, but only if managed properly. And that’s exactly what we offer. As of today, we have over 50 homes in our rental pool, with new additions every week. Every one of our investors started with a single home, and after witnessing its success, they expanded their portfolio. Most of them now own four homes or more, while one investor has 13.

It always brings me joy when someone tells me they can buy a home for $20,000 elsewhere. My response is simple: yes, that may be possible, but you won’t have access to our exceptional service and expertise at that price. If you’re willing to handle midnight calls and chase after tenants for rent payments, you can certainly find cheaper options. However, if you’re seeking a high return on your investment while enjoying a hassle-free experience, this is, without a doubt, the best way to go.

Feel free to reach out to me with any further questions at 361 522 5564.

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John H.

funny conversation

Every now and then I have a conversation that I just have to share:

I was going over some numbers on an investment program we have, and have had for several years, with a broker.

After going over everything, he says,  John you’ll never do very well with this. The numbers are to good and no one will trust it. What you need to do is lower the return to about 12% then it will become believable.

I just had to laugh. Sorry I’d rather fail to sell them than cut someone short(although we’ve sold 50+ over the last 2 years). I set what I want to make off of a project and I’m very happy to give the investor a big great deal on it