Why in the world would you want to buy a mobile home as a rental?

When you’re looking for a return on your money our mobile home deals are hard to beat.

You can own the home, get the return and not take the late night calls for repairs and problems, or have to find a renter, pay the bills or have any worry on it at all.

These homes will last at least 40 years, if they are kept up, if not longer. I love it when I hear people say how mobile homes aren’t built like stick built homes.

People look at a 1973 junker and say see! but what they don’t see is that the home has never been painted or resided in that time. How many stick built homes can go 40 years without paint or new siding? Oh but the inside looks like hell, again when have you seen a stick built home that’s not had anything remodeled inside in 40 years?

All of the flap on mobile homes has been put out there from the builders of stick homes, to lower your idea on the homes. The truth be told, most mobile homes are built much better than stick built homes but way cheaper.

How about a building cost of $26 per sqft?  Let’s see you build a home for that. This is a 1982 home that still brings in $450 per month. never been painted or a complete remodel. Yes it needs some work but it has saved the owner tons of money because they just keep living on and on. For $3000 in remodeling you could have a very nice looking home. Think with that a while and you’ll get my point.


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