Thanks for a good life.  I not only love to own mobile home and RV parks, but I really love to sell them.  I’ve been very lucky to have a faithful client base that is always there and ready to purchase parks or willing to sell to move up into a larger park when the times right. you all know who you are, Adam, Bill, Bill, Kristine, Carol, Bob, plus Bob and Bob, Doug, Steve, Peter, Roger, Dennis,Chris, Maggie,Dan, Barb and the other Barb and Barb, Bruce and Bruce, just to name a few.

I’ve enjoyed working with them across the country, and we are very thankful for everything this business has allowed us to be and have. We’ve been able to help our remaining 7 children to have a start at life, which brings a lot of joy to us as we watch them move out into the world of business and their own families and to know we were there for them.

Another great joy is watching so many of our clients become very successful and happy in the mobile home and RV park business. It’s great to know we’ve helped to make a lot of millionaires over the years and to know we’ve also saved a lot of clients from swindlers as well, one good thing about being in this business as long as I have is I’ve seen a lot of about everything. Our track record speaks for its self, we’re now up to 5,585 mobile home and RV spaces that we own and manage, not bad for the most likely to be drinking beer on the sofa in my underwear guy fresh out of school.

As we head out to work on projects we always look back to where we came from to where we are today and thank our lucky stars.

BUT most of all I want to say thank you to all of you that have put up with my antics over the years, been there with such great support when my daughter and brother died and of course working with us on all of your mobile home and RV park purchases. It has been an honor to be of service to you all and we’re still here when you need us, just say the word or better yet call or email us.

And who is John Galt?

Sincerely, John Hurd

If you have questions or want more information you may email me from the button on the left side of this page or call me at (406)240-6710, Please let me know what property you are inquiring about and/or the specifics you have in mind.

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