RRP (Repair or Replacement Program)


Introducing our new and improved Repair or Replacement Program (RRP) designed specifically to provide comprehensive coverage for your mobile homes, whether they are personally owned or park-owned:

In the unfortunate event of direct physical damage to your unit caused by a Covered Peril, our RRP steps in to cover the reasonable cost of repairs or even replace the unit with a manufactured unit of comparable value.

Our coverage extends to a wide range of Covered Perils, including fire, lightning, hail, explosion, falling objects, vandalism, smoke, burglary damage, freezing, sudden and accidental damage from artificially generated electrical current, as well as the weight of snow and ice.

For just $30 per month, you can enroll in our RRP and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have reliable protection for your valuable mobile homes. Additionally, there is a one-time startup fee of $360 to get you started with the program.

Rest assured, we have your back every step of the way, ensuring that your mobile homes are safeguarded against unforeseen events that could cause damage or loss.

Don’t leave the security of your mobile homes to chance. Enroll in our RRP today and experience the next level of coverage and support for your mobile home investments.

We’re here for you.

My latest 4 books are now on Kindle

    Over the past 20 years I’ve developed a step by step plan on how keep income coming in and instead of being the effect of your business become cause over it. I always write these plans down to the simplest they can be. As I understand, from years of doing it, simple works and complicated just stops everything.

All three are under 10 pages long, but the proof is in the numbers. Already getting calls and emails from people that bought them and great stories about how their working lives have changed, some in just a few days.





How can I help??

There are very few things related to mobile home and RV parks that I can’t assist with. Over the years, I have served as a consultant for buyers, sellers, and owners, helping them navigate various challenges such as sewer issues, water problems, tax matters, and much more.

Moreover, I have dedicated considerable time to developing a highly effective system for generating additional income, even for those who may not have the resources to purchase million-dollar parks.

Imagine earning a return of 7% to 11% on a modest investment of $50,000. What’s even better is that you won’t merely be acquiring a piece of paper that could become worthless. Instead, you will own a tangible asset that provides lasting value. The best part is that we handle all the work while you simply receive a monthly check.

If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

John Hurd

Several new rental homes coming on the market.

We currently have several new rentals available for sale, and they are selling quickly. Prices start as low as $25,000, with rental rates ranging from $300 to $850 per month, payable to the owner.

Don’t miss out on these opportunities – give me a call as soon as possible.

Contact: 361-522-5564

We offer a comprehensive turnkey rental program that provides you with the ultimate landlord experience. Our dedicated team takes care of everything, including assisting you with the home purchase, setting it up, handling leasing and maintenance, so you can sit back and enjoy receiving a monthly check.


Why in the world would you want to buy a mobile home as a rental?

When it comes to getting a solid return on your investment, our mobile home deals are unmatched. With our offerings, you can own the home and enjoy the returns without the hassle of late-night repair calls, tenant management, bill payments, or any worries at all.

These homes are built to last for at least 40 years, and often even longer if they are well-maintained. It’s common for people to point to a dilapidated mobile home from 1973 and claim that it proves their point about mobile homes not being as durable as stick-built homes. However, what they fail to see is that the home has never received any maintenance such as painting or residing during that time. How many stick-built homes can go 40 years without needing a fresh coat of paint or new siding? Similarly, while the inside may not look appealing, consider how many stick-built homes have gone four decades without any interior remodeling.

Much of the negative reputation surrounding mobile homes has been propagated by stick-built home builders, who aim to diminish your perception of these homes. The truth is, most mobile homes are constructed with better quality than stick-built homes, but at a significantly lower cost.

Imagine building a home at a cost of just $26 per square foot. Try finding a stick-built home option that matches that. Take, for example, a 1982 mobile home that still generates $450 per month in rental income, without ever receiving a fresh coat of paint or undergoing a complete remodel. While it may require some work, it has saved the owner a substantial amount of money by simply continuing to exist. With just $3,000 invested in renovations, you could transform it into a beautifully upgraded home. Ponder this for a while, and you’ll understand my point.


Here’s the perfect rental home.

This is a small one bedroom home band new. Perfect of one or two people. It will rent for a return of $350 per month to owner.

The price is $26,500

That’s $4,200 per year minus 6% management fees or about $4,000 per year which, in a perfect world, would be a 15% return on the investment.

And as always we do all of the work, you just get a check.

Call me at 361 522 5564

Turn $34,500 into $475+ per month for the next 40 years

We have 2 homes for sale, both arer 14×70 3 bedrooms 2 baths 2010’s for $34,500 each.

The return is between $450 to $500 per month. We do all of the work you just get checks.

After doing these projects for over a decade we are a sure bet of an investment. We offer the only 100% turn key projects, that I know of, in the business. We take pride in the fact that we’ve helped others, find affordable living, and make our investors a nice retirement income. A true win win.

Let me know if there’s any questions.


Big return on your money

Hello there,

With over 20 years of experience in this industry, I’ve witnessed significant changes, from park-owned homes being desirable to becoming a burden for businesses. However, for individuals seeking substantial returns on a small investment, they are the real deal.

A few months ago, while discussing self-managed IRAs with some clients, I discovered they had different goals than I had previously considered. Ultimately, they wanted to maximize the funds in their accounts.

This prompted me to dive into the numbers and I realized that, under the right circumstances, owning mobile homes as rentals provided a much better return than owning a small park. I always knew it was a good opportunity, but now I see it even more clearly.

Let’s take a closer look. Currently, we have a 2009 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home available for rent. After factoring in expenses such as lot rent and management fees, the total rent amounts to $800, with $580 remaining after expenses. We are offering this home to investors for $31,000, which translates to a fantastic return on investment of over 20%.

Here’s where the right circumstances come into play. We have the home in our park, and we handle all aspects of management, including finding tenants, addressing repairs, and paying bills. All you have to do is receive your monthly payment.

Even if the home remains unrented for two month, in just 10.5 years, you will have doubled your investment and offset your income taxes through depreciation. We have homes in our rental pool that are 40 years old and still generating substantial rental income. While repairs and updates may be necessary over the years, we recently completed comprehensive renovations on 10 of our older homes at an average cost of $2,200 per home.

These properties are truly cash cows, but only if managed properly. And that’s exactly what we offer. As of today, we have over 50 homes in our rental pool, with new additions every week. Every one of our investors started with a single home, and after witnessing its success, they expanded their portfolio. Most of them now own four homes or more, while one investor has 13.

It always brings me joy when someone tells me they can buy a home for $20,000 elsewhere. My response is simple: yes, that may be possible, but you won’t have access to our exceptional service and expertise at that price. If you’re willing to handle midnight calls and chase after tenants for rent payments, you can certainly find cheaper options. However, if you’re seeking a high return on your investment while enjoying a hassle-free experience, this is, without a doubt, the best way to go.

Feel free to reach out to me with any further questions at 361 522 5564.

Best regards,

John H.