There’s always a time in the middle of a mobile home or RV park purchase or sale that you really want a second opinion on the paperwork, the inspection, the numbers or ideas on management, financing, downpayment, purchase price or sale price, so put me in your corner I do have the answers that can help you buy right or sell right.I’m offering my services and years of first hand experience to go over everything with you and give you my ideas on your sale or purchase.

This could be the best money you ever spent, if for no other reason but to have someone to blame if it doesn’t work out …haha… or to say wow I’m sure glad I did this or maybe to have turned a $1,000 return into a $10,000 return, something I do everyday.

So what’s my expertise worth? My commission rate averages about $100,000 per sale, but for this service I charge $250, not bad,( more than likely way to cheap) and we take visa or master card.

I’ve helped lots of people feel better about their projects, get a better price, make way more income or get out of them before it eats their lunch.

Call me today to get started. It doesn’t matter where you’re at on the transaction, even if you haven’t even started yet, it could be a real good time to get me started on ways to help you sell your park or what to look for in buying a park.

By the way, if you end up selling or buying a park with me as your agent the $250 will be refunded at closing.