Big return on your money

Hey there,
After 20+ years in this business I’ve seen a lot of changes, from wanting to have park owned homes to them being the curse of the business.
But for the guy that’s looking for a big return on a small investment, it’s the king.
A few months ago while talking to a few clients about their self-managed IRA’s, I saw they had a different target than I had really looked at before.
When it came down to the simple bottom line, they wanted to get more money into their funds.
I sat back and ran a bunch of numbers on this and found, the under the right circumstances, owning mobile homes as rentals was a much better return than owning a small park. I already knew it was a great deal just didn’t see it as clearly before.
 I know, I hear the snarls….but lets look at it.
Right now we have a 2009 3 bedroom 2 bath home that will rent for $580 after expenses (lot rent, management fees), $800 total rent. We’re selling this home for $31,000 to investors. That’s a great return on your money, 20% +. Now here’s where the right circumstances come in. We have it in our park, we completely manage it, (keep it leased, handle all repairs, pay it’s bills) all you do it get paid at the end of the month.
Even if it’s not rented for two months per year, something that we never let happen, in 10.5 years you’ve doubled your money and offset your income taxes from using the depreciation. We have homes that are still in our rental pools that are 40 years old and still pumping out good rents. Now there will be repairs and make-overs over the years, but we just did complete updates on 10 of our older homes, the average cost per home was $2,200. These are money making cows for sure, but only if they are managed right. And that’s what we offer.
 As of today we have over 50 homes in our rental pool and are adding weekly. All of our investors have started with one home after seeing it work, all have bought more. Most own 4 homes or more, one investor has 13.
 I love it when I’m told, John I can buy that home for $20,000. My response is simple, yep that could be but you can’t buy our service and knowhow for that. If you want to have those midnight calls and hammering tenants to pay the rent, you can do it cheaper. If you want a high return on your money and just get paid, this is the number one best way to do it.
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funny conversation

Every now and then I have a conversation that I just have to share:

I was going over some numbers on an investment program we have, and have had for several years, with a broker.

After going over everything, he says,  John you’ll never do very well with this. The numbers are to good and no one will trust it. What you need to do is lower the return to about 12% then it will become believable.

I just had to laugh. Sorry I’d rather fail to sell them than cut someone short(although we’ve sold 50+ over the last 2 years). I set what I want to make off of a project and I’m very happy to give the investor a big great deal on it


Making big money simple off of your self managed IRA

Here’s a little something to consider for your self managed IRA or cash you want to make the best return you can on:

   We own and manage parks in Texas, Montana and New Mexico.
   Right now we have several small parcels of land in Kingsville, TX that we’re about to develop and sell.
   These are all turn key deals.
We will be building 4 space parks with 2006 or newer homes in them. I know, no one wants park owned homes, but hear me out.
These homes will bring in $750 per month x 4 equaling $3,000 per month, $36,000 per year. Using the new homes make the upkeep low for at least 5 to 8 years. That’s about $280,000 in income over that time.
Our company will be managing it at 6% of the monthly gross and our maintenance guys will handle all repairs at $20 per hour plus parts. You get a check every month and that’s all you have to do.
We’re offering these parks at $168,000.00  and they will have new electric, water as well as sewer lines. All utilities will be paid by the tenants (they even get their own trash services).
Let’s say you net $30,000 per year in 12 years you will have doubled your investment.
Let me know what questions you have on this.
John Hurd

Rentals property for sale.

Here’s one of our newest deals:we have 4, 1bedroom, 1 bath homes. Built in 2006. Priced at $21,500, return is $282 per month after expenses. As always this is a turn key deal, we do everything and you just get checks.

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Rental for sale

We have new offering, it’s a 2006 2 bedroom 2 bath mobile, it’s been rented for about a year now and they should be there for another 3 years. The rent income is $450 per month less a 6%  management fee. The sale price is $31,500. As with all of our properties this home is in one of our parks, we manage it, keep it filled and handle all repairs. We charge $20 per hour plus parts for repairs and $250 commission for new leases. The one we offered yesterday was gone in less than an hour. The ROI is right at 17%

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Tails from the dark side of the park

Every month we have a few evections to deal with and sometimes they get ugly. We have a park in Indaina where we had several going on at the same time. Seems they all got together and left at the same time, but they didn’t leave without a statement. They all plugged up the drains in the sinks and tubs, then turned on the water just before they left. With total luck and some other really good tenants, we were told this was about to happen and got the water shut off before to much damage was done.  It’s always an amazement to me, that we’re the bad guys for thinking they should have to pay the rent.