RRP (Repair or Replacement Program)


Introducing our new and improved Repair or Replacement Program (RRP) designed specifically to provide comprehensive coverage for your mobile homes, whether they are personally owned or park-owned:

In the unfortunate event of direct physical damage to your unit caused by a Covered Peril, our RRP steps in to cover the reasonable cost of repairs or even replace the unit with a manufactured unit of comparable value.

Our coverage extends to a wide range of Covered Perils, including fire, lightning, hail, explosion, falling objects, vandalism, smoke, burglary damage, freezing, sudden and accidental damage from artificially generated electrical current, as well as the weight of snow and ice.

For just $30 per month, you can enroll in our RRP and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have reliable protection for your valuable mobile homes. Additionally, there is a one-time startup fee of $360 to get you started with the program.

Rest assured, we have your back every step of the way, ensuring that your mobile homes are safeguarded against unforeseen events that could cause damage or loss.

Don’t leave the security of your mobile homes to chance. Enroll in our RRP today and experience the next level of coverage and support for your mobile home investments.

We’re here for you.