┬áIf you’re having trouble getting any title work completed call us today. We found out over the years how much trouble mobile home titles can be to aquire and resolve.
Through this experience in dealing with multiple parks, both in ownership and management, we’ve figure out how to work within the system to settle any issue that may arrise. This is not exactly a fun experience for anyone, so allow us to assist you in making life a bit easier all around.
Pricing starts out with a base fee of 250.00 dollars. Plus any addition hard costs such as back taxes, postage, etc. From there it goes up in increments of 250.00 dollars based on the types of issues that need to be handled. This can include anything from lost or missing titles, being unable to location the person on the title, lost ID’s, and numerous other circumstances. You name it, we’ve delt with it, I assure you this. So allow us to help you through this process.
Call us now.