Rental for sale

We have new offering, it’s a 2006 2 bedroom 2 bath mobile, it’s been rented for about a year now and they should be there for another 3 years. The rent income is $450 per month less a 6%  management fee. The sale price is $31,500. As with all of our properties this home is in one of our parks, we manage it, keep it filled and handle all repairs. We charge $20 per hour plus parts for repairs and $250 commission for new leases. The one we offered yesterday was gone in less than an hour. The ROI is right at 17%

Call me at 361-522-5564 or email me at

Tails from the dark side of the park

Every month we have a few evections to deal with and sometimes they get ugly. We have a park in Indaina where we had several going on at the same time. Seems they all got together and left at the same time, but they didn’t leave without a statement. They all plugged up the drains in the sinks and tubs, then turned on the water just before they left. With total luck and some other really good tenants, we were told this was about to happen and got the water shut off before to much damage was done.  It’s always an amazement to me, that we’re the bad guys for thinking they should have to pay the rent.

$23,400 buys you $480 per month return. Sorry this one sold in under an hour.

his is the second offering of the day and things are heating up. We are offering a 14 x 68 mobile inside one of our parks. It’s been in our rental pool for several years and have a very good track record. We’re selling it for $23,400 and the return to date is $480 after lot rent and management fees. Call me toay with questions.

We offer a complete turn key program, we do everything and all you have to do it put your chec in the bank. These homes are in our own parks, we manage them, fill and repair. management fees are 8%, new lease fees are $250 and repairs are billed out at $20 per hour plus parts.