John Hurd

John Hurd

John Hurd has an extensive background in rural property sales. In 1999, he was the selling agent on the sale of the Rock Creek Cattle Ranch, one of the largest ranches in western Montana, with nearly 100,000 acres or roughly 145 square miles of ranch land. John’s expertise doesn’t stop with ranches; he also handles homes with acreage or just tracts of land ranging from five acres up to tens of thousands of acres.

John has established himself as one of the top selling agents in the country dealing with Mobile Home Parks.

He’s been invited to speak at engagements across the counrty on Mobile park buying and selling, He has a wealth of first hand knowledge that can help you on what ever you need concerning mobile home parks.

John also has a solid background in land development, with a network of professionals to help in all stages of the project.

John is a sure bet when it comes to finding what you want or selling what you have. If you’d like, ask him for referrals; he has a long history of happy clients who would love to tell you about their experience working with John. John Hurd loves his work and it shows.